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Contranyms, pt. 3, more words that contradict themselves

After a brief injection of “-ject” words we return to contranyms, words that have self-contradictory meanings. It turns out some apparent contranyms aren’t really one word with two opposite meanings, but two words that look and sound alike. These are … Continue reading

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Dejected on the Jetty, Watching the Flotsam Float Away

Last time we reflected on “reject,” “inject” “project” and other words derived from Latin iacere ‘to throw.’ I said there were more. Did you think of any? If not, it’s probably because they don’t take the form “-ject.” Somewhere along … Continue reading

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Do You Have to Be “Jected” Before You Can Be “Rejected”?

We interrupt our discussion of contranyms to tackle this question from author Tsgoyna Tanzman: “In order to be rejected do you first have to be jected? ‘‘Fortunately,” she continues, “I don’t think I’ve been jected of any kind lately, including … Continue reading

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