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Word Snooper and the Last of Chan?

Chan clicked open his eyeglass case, removed a cloth and polished his glasses. “I have a clue, you say?” He put the glasses back on and stared into the distance toward the multi-story atrium. “The text your lady friend sent … Continue reading

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Chan Shows the Word Snooper a Mysterious Message

The familiar crowd – the prepossessing and the dispossessed — was massed at the Central Library entrance as I strode up from the Red Line stop at Pershing Square. The Bluetoothed and the toothless alike were cursing out invisible interlocutors. … Continue reading

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Word Snooper Extra: Vote for your favorite blended word.

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The Word Snooper Reheats Ricotta and Refines Refried Beans

De Sica – I mean Chan – looked puzzled. “So biscotti means ‘twice cooked.’ Isn’t that what ricotta means?” “Yep,” I said, my nails clicking against my phone, “I know you can’t see this screen without your glasses, so I’ll … Continue reading

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The Word Detective Discovers a Smooth Blend

“Well,” I said to De Sica, “this list of portmanteau words or blends is as interminable as the last commercial break in a hour-long show, but I want to throw out a few more. I don’t think their etymology needs … Continue reading

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