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Bourgeois Fair

“So, are burghers bourgeois?” C.J. asked before popping a sauce-drenched French fry into his mouth. Another jet thundered overhead. I could almost make out the tread in the tires. “I wouldn’t be a snob about what I’m eating. Oh, right: … Continue reading

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Burgers to Burghers

“Speaking of burgers, what about the Burghers of Calais?” A jet roared overhead, nearly close enough to part my hair, as C.J. asked the question. I dabbed hamburger juice from my chin. “Burgers of where?” I asked before my brain … Continue reading

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Julia Child and the Mouseburger

“So, can we go somewhere and talk?” asked C.J. “Sure.” He didn’t say somewhere quiet, I realized, as he pulled into the In-N-Out Burger near LAX. It’s the 100th anniversary of Julia Child’s birth, I realized. What more appropriate way … Continue reading

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