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The Origins of Batter, Patter, Stutter, Flutter and more

That batty Batman was long gone but I was still pondering. What about the verb batter, meaning ‘to strike with repeated blows of an instrument or weapon, or with frequent missiles; to beat continuously and violently so as to bruise … Continue reading

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Holy Hollywood! Has Batman Gone Batty?

A door swung open, sending a blast of cold air and a flapping sound through the java joint. Slowly, I lifted my head. A black-clad, caped figure with a pointy-eared hood stretched over his face flapped into my office. Batman. … Continue reading

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A Certain Something

All right. I was sufficiently caffeinated to make it to the java joint I call my office. I ordered a “tall” (small) cup of Joe, just to be legit, not that I needed it. I looked back at Ms. Big’s … Continue reading

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Crime and Patisserie

What was that thumping? My heart. I jerked awake from a dream of going over some kind of effing cliff.  Then I heard the thump, rattle, clatter of a can being kicked down the road. My head fizzled with sparks … Continue reading

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