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Spanish Surnames That Reveal Family History

A Barbero is a barber, but a Cantero is not a cantor. Do you know what the ancestors of people named Ballestero and Verdugo did? Find out here.  Source

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Extra Lex: Treacherous Look-Alike Words in Spanish and English

According to an old ditty, “Spanish is a funny language where ropa isn’t rope, sopa isn’t soap and the butter is meant t’ kill ya.” Here are 48 more examples of Spanish-English “false friends”:   Incidentally, mantequilla, butter, is the diminutive of manteca, lard.

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Ben Franklin Gets a Charge Out of an Invention and Coins a Phrase

My poor battered brain must have been suffering from CDS (caffeine deficiency slump). In pondering the origins of the word “battery,” I short-circuited the discussion, completely skipping over the electric battery. So what does a cell that stores chemical energy … Continue reading

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Lexie Kahn Fears No Art

I jammed my hands into the pockets of my trench coat as C.J. sent his sky-blue Leaf slaloming down the 101 to the 110 and the 105. Would the turbulence of the planes landing at LAX blow the agile little … Continue reading

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