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Send Me Your Blends

Lexie tweets the Word Blend of the Day @wordsnooper. She’s tweeted about “Rominee,” “bananarang,” “blog” and “nerdtastic.” Have you encountered some good word mash-ups or portmanteau words? Comment here and your name may be sent into the Twitterverse.

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Word Snooper Poll: Most Zeitgeist-y Portmanteau

Ch-ch-changes. The idea that our world is changing at warp speed in these modern times is nothing new. But now it seems new inventions and new attitudes are bombarding us so rapidly we need a passel of new words – … Continue reading

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The Word Detective Discovers a Smooth Blend

“Well,” I said to De Sica, “this list of portmanteau words or blends is as interminable as the last commercial break in a hour-long show, but I want to throw out a few more. I don’t think their etymology needs … Continue reading

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How Long Will “Hackerazzi” Last?

The sun was sinking, leaving a smudge on the horizon like the remains of a strawberry-mango daiquiri on the rim of a glass. De Sica still had on those shades. “Colbert isn’t the only one. Real TV reporters and even … Continue reading

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Are All Sophisticates Phonies?

“I know there’s something else on your mind,” I told de Sica, rattling the ice in my drink with the straw, “but before we get off the topic of portmanteau words, I want to clear something up.” “OK.” “It’s this: … Continue reading

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