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The Word Snooper Reheats Ricotta and Refines Refried Beans

De Sica – I mean Chan – looked puzzled. “So biscotti means ‘twice cooked.’ Isn’t that what ricotta means?” “Yep,” I said, my nails clicking against my phone, “I know you can’t see this screen without your glasses, so I’ll … Continue reading

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Who Clicked First?

Sometimes I giggle when I come across foreign but oddly familiar terms on websites in languages other than English. “Klicken Sie hier, “Cliquez ici,” “Haga clic aquí.” Isn’t that cute the way the Germans, French and Spanish have adopted our … Continue reading

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Your phone can translate signs.

Word Lens, a new app that lets your smart phone translate signs and menus is pretty amazing. Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2OfQdYrHRs But wait, did they cheat by having the Spanish sign say, “Lo traduce el texto”in order for the English … Continue reading

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Which language has the most words?

In “How Many Words in English?” I touched on something that makes it difficult to compare the number of words in various languages. Words, and parts of words, operate differently in different languages. The entry “words” in dictionaries are not … Continue reading

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