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Fruitful Expressions or Why There Are No Plums in Plum Pudding

From sweet lemons to sour grapes, the fleshy, edible, seed-bearing parts of plants are a fruitful source of terms and phrases. “Fruit Dreams” by Judith B. Herman Pick a juicy crop here.

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Decoding British Pub Menus

Photo  Source Fancy a pudding wine? How about jugged hare and a side of rocket and baps? Bit of a muddle? No worries, luv. This glossary will set you right:

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Molecular Mystery with a Side of Sushi

I was trembling like a Chihuahua after a thunderclap from too many Frappuccinos, but ravenous as I reached the Kenmore Arms. I jiggled the key in the lock until it yielded and kicked the door open. I yanked open the … Continue reading

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Julia Child and the Mouseburger

“So, can we go somewhere and talk?” asked C.J. “Sure.” He didn’t say somewhere quiet, I realized, as he pulled into the In-N-Out Burger near LAX. It’s the 100th anniversary of Julia Child’s birth, I realized. What more appropriate way … Continue reading

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