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Words of the Year Quiz

The publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) generated a sharknado of publicity by proclaiming selfie their Word of the Year for 2013.  Although the Australian term for a photographic self-portrait goes back 20 years, the confluence of camera phones, social … Continue reading

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Show Biz Quiz Results

How did crowdsourcing work to answer the show biz word quiz? Sitcom: 67% thought it dates from 1954, 33% said 1964. No one thought 1974. Two thirds guessed wrong. One third of participants was correct on the earliest Oxford English … Continue reading

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Word Snooper Extra: Show Biz Word Quiz

Entertainment writers love to invent words, often by shortening and combining two existing words. How old do you think these show biz terms are? For each term below, guess the year of the earliest citation in the Oxford English Dictionary. … Continue reading

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